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As a portrait and fashion photographer, Alex de Blonay is interested in the parallel worlds that exist in every one of us. Through the elaboration of immersive, sometimes fantastical scenarios, she invites her subjects to explore facets of themselves that expand the limitations of one’s quotidian.
Alex believes in making portraits that stand the test of time and, in the fashion context, transcend its commerce. Images that strike the imagination and carry a certain talismanic quality. Visual narratives that amplify one’s story to create lasting emotional resonance.
Born from Swiss and French parents, Alex has a BA (Hons) from London College of Arts and a 20 years career in London (UK) as a Brand Strategist & Creative Director. Based in Chiang Mai, Thailand since 2017, Alex continues working globally.
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M: +66 92 590 3087

Skype: adeblonay

What’s app: +66 92 590 3087


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